Welcome to the Unify Community™
with Reference-Based Pricing and No Balance Bills

Unify Community™ Providers engage our members with the best possible pricing – we designed a better transparent healthcare relationship and reimbursement process.

The Unify Community™ offers

The Best Doctors

The Unify Community™ works for every employer – starting from our clients’ claim history intake to provider nominations enabling our members to share their preferred providers. From there we expand our provider selection with Unify Community™ provider invites so members can see who they want.

Improved Outcomes

The Unify Community™ provides incentives for providers, members and employers for the best outcomes

  • Providers receive fast reimbursement
  • Employers have more control over rising healthcare costs
  • Members get the care they need, when they need it at an affordable price

Transparent Pricing

Traditional network pricing offers a percentage discount from an artificially inflated starting point making costs unpredictable.

Unify Community™ providers funding is transparent from known Medicare reimbursement rates. This ensures fair pricing for both the provider and employer.

Here’s how it works.

If you need to see a doctor, call the Unify Care Navigation team to get started.

We’ll then put you in touch with a local provider who belongs to the Unify Community™, for the requested specialty. Our Care Navigation team can help book and preauthorize your appointment.

At your appointment show your Unify Health member card and you could possibly have no copay or deducible.

Appointment completed.

No additional bills – we handle the rest. That’s it.

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